Children will love the naughty, mischievous cat whose personality shines through and will be hooked until they know what becomes of Jerry.

What’s Good To Do

Equally as a cat owner I know how stupid cats can behave, how they get themselves into places they shouldn’t be and then can’t get out on their own accord!

Nayu’s Reading Corner

The illustrations definitely make the book. They are great quality and a lot of time has been taken to produce them. 

An author has turned to the internet for help in getting her first book published.

Sabuhi Gard, who lives in Seer Green with her husband James and son Alex, has written her first children’s book and hopes crowdfunding will get it published.

The Valentine’s Day Cat tells the story of Jerry the cat, who goes missing on a stormy Valentine’s Day when his owner takes the injured pet to the vet.

Sabuhi Gard, Alex Gard (son)

Bucks Free Press, 4 April 2015

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